Auto Line & Special Size Production

In 1988 Silwood made its first step into automated processing of Number Plate Components based on the industry demand to match exactly the reflective component to the Acrylic component. The design and technology that forms our automated process creates very accurate parallels and dimensional sizing from our master batch extruded product that has also has very accurate thickness control.

Our four production lines are modular and various features can be added to meet market changes including the Lipped designs and the full on line cleaning and laminating facility 90% of our production is through our automated production facility. Innovation is a progressive science that is our investment for continued improvement and competitiveness.

We also manufacture a wide range of special sizes and profiles for different size vehicles, motorbikes, caravans and the volume will dictate the process we use from conventional CNC machines, Lasers and a special sized automated line for higher volumes.

Schelling Beamsaw

This cutting process enables high volumes of materials to be cut square and very accurate utilising special blades for cutting high volumes of sheets in one stack / loading.

We have optional misting / lubricating capability to reduce heat when cutting deep stacks of up to 100mm in height and a scoring blade to minimise the risk of bottom sheet chipping.

Materials are moved on air floatation tables to avoid surface damage. Large stacks are turned around from rip cut to cross cut by a revolving table.

Wide Format Laminator

An important option for our number plate application involves lamination of different substrates and adhesives which is incorporated into our number plate component production lines. Special requirements often require a wider format than our standard production so we can laminate up to 1500mm width from roll fed substrates.

CNC Routering & CNC Knife Cutting

Our state of the art CNC cutting equipment ensures reliable and repeatable accuracy to cut any shape or edge profile on individual sheets utilising most types of CAD files direct to the machine.

The sheet cutting technology cuts plastic or aluminium using a bespoke tooling through a 7 part automatic tool changer that gives the ultimate capability to machine complex designs or profiles.

This machine also has a CNC controlled knife cutting option for thin sheets / films of 1mm and below.