silwoods-logoSince the year 2000 Silwood Number Plate Components Ltd has invested heavily into the design and manufacture of its own technology to produce components for the UK Number Plate industry. This investment followed a revision of the British Standard BS AU 145d to allow the performance and testing criteria to embrace modern materials as well as the traditional aluminium and metal options.  The revision created the new British Standard BS AU 145d which is the operating standard of today.

Silwood developed its own performance grade of Impact Modified Acrylic that it extrudes exclusively in high volume under strict performance controlled criteria exclusively with its strategic raw material suppliers.

The unique designed Silwood automated production lines a complete range of sizes and profiles with additional benefits such as adhesive coating and individual customer print options. Our scales of efficiency, quality and production capacities exceed those which other manufacturer offer as a standalone processes. The combination of our raw material and production controls makes Silwood the perfect choice for quality and competitive component supply.

Our machining accuracy enables our customers to enjoy exact size lamination of their printed reflective products with our tightly controlled extrusion thickness tolerances that compete very favourably against traditional metal or moulded options.

The Silwood technology and highly efficient integrated production generates a ready to use component every three seconds producing over 40,000 units per day per shift and this is a significant benefit to all our customers who have grown to depend on our production capacity and added value quality supported by the optimum scales of efficiency.

Silwood is a member of and works in close support and harmony with the British Number Plate Manufacturers Association (BNMA) which in turn are in constant liaison with the legislative requirements of the UK Government and DVLA.  The current British Standard BS AU 145d is again under review and if adopted will embrace the new performance and security requirements to support the secure issue of number plates and help to prevent cloning and theft of number plates that can become an identity theft cost to the consumer and Government.  Silwood have European patented technology for a theft resistant number plate that will be marketed through secure outlets under the Trade Name of the VIP Plate (Vehicle Identity Protection). Vehicle Identity Protection this technology is currently under further development.

Supporting our bespoke number plate production processes we have highly accurate Beam Saw cutting facilities, CNC routers, Laser and knife cutting capabilities and wide format sheet laminating.

A family run business established since 1959 our continued objective is to grow our manufacturing business by having the right products and processes available at all times.  We aim to provide our customers with the correct balance between good customer service, good quality products and competitive prices.

Following our success in supplying the UK number plate market the demand for our products is growing in export markets and we now supply a range of products into Europe through strategic distribution partners.

Personal service to our customers remains part of the original concept of this family business which also reflects in our customer relationships and becomes one possible reason why our customers have the confidence to contact us first.    Being an innovative business we are constantly reviewing our processes, new products and future opportunities so please feel free to contact us here at Silwood Number Plates if you wish to discuss any future market opportunities